Scene: Healthcare organisation delivering service to clients in over 150 UK locations. Business growing and expansion is rapid UK wide. Further scale planned for future growth and expansion.

Challenge: How to apply the right digital environment to help with the smooth running of operations

Unique scenario: Strong collaborative culture. Strong evidence proven techniques for dealing with client issues with teaching methods passed on to local healthcare service providers.

Consultant assigned: Linda – proven expertise in delivering technology strategy & transformation consulting, business development, large scale programme management

Contribution: Engaged to deliver digital and technology strategy and implementation guidance to help develop the right digital platform to manage ongoing operations smoothly. Succeeded in delivering business analysis, solution recommendation for suitable digital platforms and assisted in the technology procurement process.

Client feedback: “Linda’s work was to a very high standard and she demonstrated particular skill in helping our organisation understand appropriate solutions to meet our needs within our budget.  She was patient and skilful in guiding our organisation through its options and helping us build the business case for our chosen solution.  In addition, she proved an effective negotiator with various vendors.”

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Scene: Hotel construction project at a standstill. Stalemate between the building contractors and the owner/main financier. Projected final build costs more than triple the original estimate due to lack clarity on both sides.

Challenge: How to resolve stalemate and complete the build at a favourable budget to the owner and contractors.

Unique scenario: Lack of clarity on scope, time and budget requirements on both parties.

Consultant assigned: Stanley – proven expertise in International Business Management, delivering corporate strategy, transformation consulting, crisis management, programme management,

Contribution: Engaged to deliver re-evaluate and renegotiate contracts for building contractor and other major suppliers – realising massive cost savings in the process. Helped to formulate management strategy to take the hotel from standstill point to completion. Elevated the vision of the owners to the achieve the standard of a luxury hotel. Influenced all key decision makers involved in the process to agree on a completion time frame with clear scope and costs.

Client feedback: “Stanley’s contribution towards the completion of our hotel was invaluable. He saved us millions of dollars through his negotiations and international sourcing. He worked resiliently and with a clear focus to help us achieve the final vision and was able to see beyond the present challenges to help us realise our dream.”

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