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FinTech revolution is in full swing. In the past month alone, we’ve learnt and had the pleasure to meet new and rising stars blazing a trail in this revolution (or transformation if you prefer).

The experiences of new FinTech business models are not confined to London – but are featuring worldwide.


Three firms in FinTech that we’ve found particularly interesting are profiled below

Secco provides a new concept of digital banking with particular focus on data transactions.

I found this concept of data banking particularly interesting and speaking to the CEO/Founder of Secco asked how this works. He explained that their banking platform gives users the opportunity to store personal data and the option of sharing such data with third parties.

Based on the user’s selection of how much information to share, the user can earn corresponding credits for each byte of data shared with commercial third parties – banking them extra cash for their data.

BitPesa operates in Africa. It brands itself as “Africa;s fastest & most affordable bitcoin trading platform.”

Operational in four countries in the region, BitPesa allows businesses to send and collect and individuals to transfer money to anyone in Africa.

Powered by bright female minds – their CxO team has accomplished women professionals in the majority, the company is bravely taking the disruptive technology that is the bitcoin to African markets.

Chatting with BitPesa’s COO (Charlene Chen), her enthusiasm was simply infectious as she explained the company’s purpose for setting up in Africa to help power up and improve speed, costs and security of financial transactions to and from the continent using their digital platform.

Essentia Analytics provides software that helps fund managers improve their investment decision making.

Essentia promotes skill based investing, based on rational decision making on the part of professional investors, by combining data analysis with behavioural analysis.

With recent markets uncertainties spiking fears on various fronts, applying such behavioural finance techniques can prove beneficial to professional investors.

Founder/CEO Clare Flynn Levy who is a former successful fund manager knows the space well and is passionate about improving skill based investment outcomes.

“Our software is designed to help fund managers improve their investment decision-making. In much the same way that athletes use coaching and a feedback loop to improve their performance, our technology marries portfolio data and behavioural science so that fund managers can measure what they’re good at and see where obstacles, such as cognitive bias, may lie.”

Clare is also an advocate for flexible working which can be considered a rare privilege for employees in the financial sector.

For more insight into a previous interview that I held with Clare about Essentia visit


Written by Linda Unugboke – Consulting Partner (Bluewater Hebron)


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