Free consulting to SMEs

It’s July 1, and we’re now halfway through the year!


In sports, half time is always a good time to take a break for a few minutes and re-assess your game.

IF this applies in sports, surely for businesses too, there should be a call out period for a bit of rest, refreshing and perspective.


The crucial aspect of half time though is that the players themselves don’t just give their perspective but they also LISTEN and get advice from a coach who has been observing


their performance and understands the game.


Whilst many big or established businesses are able to take time out to reflect frequently during the course of a year, for many small and medium sized business owners who are crushed daily with running operations, taking time out for reflection and perspective is NOT on their TO DO LIST.

If you are one of such business owners, today I call out to you to


Yes, you need to STOP! Take a break, raise your head up and come out for some fresh perspective.

This dual pronged approach of internal (yours) PLUS external perspective is a MUST to succeed and keep on succeeding!

AND WE CAN HELP provide you external perspective – for FREE!

In the month of July, we’ll be offering free consulting services to small and medium sized business owners.

If you have any challenges or opportunities that you would like to discuss around business growth, innovation, funding, technology adoption, or management strategy, then get in touch with us.


Our free consultations would hold on Fridays 15th July, 22nd July, 29th July, and we have a limited number of slots. All consultations can be held remotely via phone, Skype or other virtual conference method.

Once you book your preferred time slot, one of our founding partners will be in touch with you to confirm that they will be meeting with you and will send you the call details for the meeting.

Remember this is a FREE all in one consulting package covering BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY and STRATEGY!


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