Changing for good

The first impression that comes to mind is about change-ing whether to store (some) change or embrace some change.

Let’s face it – change is scary – even for the bravest of hearts.

We may try to avoid it – by ignoring it, running away, refraining to embrace, staying the course, etc…

But when change is necessary, it eventually becomes inevitable. Please note the word necessary – as it is not always necessary to change. Confusing the desire for change with the notion that it is necessary to change, and taking action based on desire not necessity, can lead to very damaging consequences (we’ll be visiting this in more detail in a subsequent post).

In today’s WORKPLACE, few would argue that the smell of Change can be sniffed – sometimes very strongly.

From young millenials to working parents to semi-retired professionals, a growing percentage of the workforce are seeking a fuller enrichment for (and from) work.

Conversely, organisations and businesses are also seeking change to drive employees output/benefits up whilst achieving financial success.

With such appetites brewing on both sides, those businesses or organisations who are sure to come out smiling are those that have the nerve to cook up not a storm, but a delightful meal to satisfy the appetites of all major stakeholders (in no particular order, this includes: investors/owners, employees, customers, suppliers…etc)

When it comes to the professional services sector, the watchful eye and pondering mind can readily discern that change is due in the Consulting sector…in one or more levels.

Consultants usually work incredibly long hours…

Organisations grumble because they realise the benefits external consultants bring (well mostly!) but the weight of the often huge consulting bills from full time engagements that leave a big dent in their pockets, make them groan. The cost / benefit analysis of hiring consultants (which ironically happens to be one of consulting’s favourite phrases) can in many cases, easily be close to NIL.

Let’s be clear, no consultant or consulting firm ever intends for this to happen to their clients. As professionals, we (consultants) work with the best intentions to realise the success of our clients in every engagement.



It is for reasons such as those described above, that Bluewater Hebron was formed. As an independent consulting firm, Bluewater Hebron is on a journey to re-discover consulting joy!

Joy for our clients and our consultants too.

We are committed to exploring new ways of delivering valuable consulting services to our clients, whilst being effective on costs, service delivery, and other unique criteria that are important to you.

We have put much thought in developing a Modus Operandi (working model) drawing from our professional experiences, client feedback and industry / market analysis across multiple industries.

Bluewater Hebron’s approach is flexible but dedicated, well considered but open to change.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t have all (or even most of) the answers yet. But that’s the beauty of working with us – as we believe that businesses and organisations KNOW BETTER what they require…and mostly need a nudge from external forces (our consulting team) to reaffirm, redesign or re-engage actionable solutions for CHANGE!

If however, you feel as though you have no clue what, where, when, or how to change, we are here to help you figure things out. And to develop an actionable blueprint that takes into your unique business circumstances.

If you would like to work with us as a client, or to find out more on how we can help you start changing for good – or rediscover consulting joy

Please get in touch.

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