Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

As the week of activities for International Women’s Day ends, I reflect on some of the women whom I’ve had the privilege to meet and hold conversations with over the past three years – that I would like to openly celebrate as they have inspired me with their entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring stories.

Photo credit: Justin Luebke – Unbound.com

Alicia Syrett is the Founder and CEO of Pantegrion Capital.

As an investor, to me, Alicia can possibly be described as a fireball of passion.

Yes, because she loves what she does, which is helping entrepreneurs and especially women entrepreneurs raise the capital and support network that they need to kick off, grow and thrive in their business.

I recall my first conversation with Alicia a few years ago, when I was compiling stories on women entrepreneurs for a publication (that for various reasons didn’t get off the ground). Alicia’s excitement, rolodex of business contacts, willingness to share her experience, and openness to helping her mentees grow their business through struggles, as well as successes, was simply amazing. After my conversation with her, spontaneous music welled deep within my heart and I found myself effortless humming all day long. Now, that’s what I call INSPIRATION!

Karen Rosen is the Founder of Plenish.

My impression walking into Kara’s company’s office for the first time was buzz, fun and enthusiasm. Kara wasn’t even in the office at the time – so I could tell that the enthusiasm was genuine – plus it was a Friday morning! You just knew that her team loved to be there and do their job.

Leaving an exciting and exhausting work lifestyle at Conde Nast, Kara started Plenish to promote healthy juicing habits for busy lifestyles.  Drawing from her personal experience on how the inclusion of regular juicing into her diet helped her overcome burnout and a recurring throat infection, Kara has an authentic business voice that comes across clearly to anyone who meets her. Combine that with her undeniable style and she is positively a sensational woman entrepreneur.

Diana Lovette is the Founder and CEO of Cissé cocoa co.

Sustainable development and love of chocolate are two driving forces of Diana’s company. Their work with local cocoa farmers as partners delivers a win-win approach for both her business and local farming communities.

Diana’s ability to see opportunity when other people may have seen only challenges has helped her realise her dream of creating delicious chocolate treats and products, “sourced with care” and “made with love”, whilst empowering farming communities. Diana is in my opinion, an admirable entrepreneurial woman on a delightful and delicious mission.

Komal Joshi is the Co-Founder of Planned Departure.

Planned Departure provides “life and estate planning tools for the digital world”.

Komal is a woman of clear conviction and a can-do attitude. I think this perspective is one of the factors that successfully drives her business goals and growth. Her business started from her own personal loss of a family member and the difficult experiences that ensued as she and her family tried to reconcile the departed one’s digital assets. Komal realised that there had to be a better, simpler and faster way for people to store their growing digital assets for security and traceability.

Komal’s ability to boldly establish her business in a new territory and through the initial challenges of building up such a venture, unrelentingly strive to provide a successful product that delivers a much-needed service in our digital age is truly commendable.

So, to all these women and to many… nay, countless more, I say ‘thank you’ and ‘more grace for the future.’

Post by Linda Unugboke  – as first published on LinkedIn

Photo credit: Justin Luebke – Unbound.com

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