Linda Unugboke – Founding Partner

Al Stanley - Founding Partner

Al Stanley – Founding Partner

First of all, Linda is not nearly as daunting as this animated photo suggests!

And yes, she asked us to write that!

Linda leads the Business Technology Transformation Practice, dealing with all areas of Change, Innovation, Delivery and Strategy for startups, mid size and large businesses.

Linda has 14 years experience of the Telco, Media and Technology (TMT) sector, delivering large scale implementation programmes, business development and transformation assignments for leading multinational organisations as well as thriving startups.

She gets very excited at the opportunity to bring new ideas to birth and is adept at managing the entire idea creation, formation and launching process. Linda is not only creative but super effective at analysing business needs and recommending the right technology solutions to deliver cost-efficiency, scalability and yes! innovation.

Linda has successfully worked across multiple sectors including: Telco, Media/Publishing, Entertainment, Technology, FInancial Services / Insurance, Public Sector, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education

Linda has a BEng in Electronics and Computer Engineering, MSc in Digital Communication Systems (Loughbrough University, UK) and MBA (London Business School).


To get in touch with Linda, you can send her an email:



You would be forgiven for thinking that Stan (as he prefers to be called) sports an afro!

That was possibly whilst he was in high school!

Stan leads the Management and Strategy Practice, dealing with all areas of Corporate and Organisational Strategy, Infrastructure Projects, Strategic Business Relationships and Crisis Management for troubled organisations.

Stan has 14 years industry and consulting experience across multiple sectors including International Trade, Hospitality and Energy.

With an engineering background, but an entrepreneur to the core, Stan works like an architect whilst consulting with clients. He is able to craft, build and manage solutions to management challenges or opportunities that few others would have envisaged.

Stan’s real shine – comes through when there’s a crisis that needs to be resolved. His ability to be pragmatic and develop good working relationships helps him resolve crisis situations in harmony with other parties involved.

Stan has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in International Business Management (University of Surrey, UK). He has also studied at New York Institute of Finance (Mergers and Acquisitions) and at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland (Hospitality Management).


To get in touch with Stan, you can send him an email: